Mattapan Cultural Arts Development is cultivating an arts-driven network invested in creating space(s) for art to happen in Mattapan, MA.

We are a network built (and building) around collaboration, not competition.  While we understand the competitive impulse, we believe it is outdated.  Instead we are invested fully in operative models predicated on collaboration.

All to say, we prefer the tangibles derived from collaboration to the fleeting intangibles associated with winning ‘at all costs.’  We want a Mattapan on parity with all other Boston neighborhoods, and we believe we can move us closer to it through the arts.

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OutPost #NaponsettNibi

This summer Mattapan Cultural Arts Development aka ArtsMattapan was designated by the United States Department of Arts & Culture (USDAC) to function as one of the USDAC’s Outpostsa national action-oriented network of local groups of artists, organizers, and allies applying creative skills to promote and prompt civic engagement related to social justice issues.  

Our lead artists include Sierra Khan (writer/director/producer), Cassandra Cato-Louis (actor/artistic director, African Repertory Troupe, Inc.), Dale Patterson (dollmaker; costume designer), Tyler Roze Barbosa (poet/performer), and Darrell Thompson (cultural practitioner).  If you’d like to bring an initiative to OutPost Naponsett Nibi, anyone of them can serve as point of contact.   Just click on “contact” below, and let us you’d like to reach one (or more) of them.

About Us

Mattapan Cultural Arts Development (MCAD) connects, mobilizes, and develops people, spaces, and partnerships to build community through the arts.  MCAD supports development that centers and enhances Mattapan’s character and quality of place, promotes cultural celebrations and the cultivation of local artists, and fosters community engagement in making and experiencing art.

ArtsMattapan is MCAD’s presenting and programmatic arm through which we promote, nurture, and showcase artists, arts organizations, and cultural events in Mattapan.


If you live, work, or play in Mattapan, the Mattapan Arts Council invites you to join our very own cultural planning process.  Boston’s Cultural Plan has very little to offer Mattapan, so it’s up to us.   Mattapan’s cultural planning process awaits you.